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Select brands of instruments and accessories 

Luthier Vidal have an extensive and select catalog of instruments and accessories of the most prestigious brands in the market at acompetitive prices. More than 25 years of experience allow us to offer the best selection of national and international products, either for students or newly initiated for the most demanding professionals.

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  • 3DVarius
  • Acappella
  • Accord

    Accord Corporation sells string instruments cases. It was started in 1994, and has developed quite an impressive list of clients since. Proud owners of Accord cases are Sting, Rostropovich, Yo-Yo Ma amongs others.

    Accord sells its’ cases all over the world through the distributors in Japan, New York, Berlin and Korea and here, in Luthier Vidal!

  • Acousta Grip

    Acousta Grip is a brand which makes revolutionary shoulder rests for violin, viola and violoncello. These are attached to the instrument by fitting them to the body in a natural and ergonomic position to maximize comfort and precision while playing the instrument. Its main purpose is to provide comfort without diminishing the acoustic quality of the instrument, often reduced by the clamps of conventional pads that are attached to the sides of the violin or viola.

  • Andrea

    Andrea Rosins are premium rosins for violin, viola and cello made by Cremona in America. They were presented for the very first time in 2002 under the name of Tartini Rosin. The Tartini Rosins stood out quickly among renowned musicians and string lovers, for which a great demand was generated worldwide.

    In September 2005, Andrea Bang presented an improved version of the Tartini called Andrea Rosin, designed to provide a more sensitive and sophisticated sound. In 2009, Cremona in America reintroduced the Andrea with improvements in performance and a new image.

    In 2020, Cremona in America renamed ANDREA resins to CECILIA. CECILIA's name is the name of the patron saint of musicians and also of Peter Bahng's mother; founder of the brand, who died in 2019. Peter explains that his mother's wonderful love was a constant source of inspiration and support. In honor of his mother and the musicians, and to celebrate a new decade, all CiA premium resins will be manufactured under the CECILIA name from 2020.
    Currently, the Andrea resins still coexist with Cecilia, we have a shipment of resins manufactured in 2019 and they are in an optimal state of conservation, therefore they have not been withdrawn. It is for this same reason that we keep old images on the web. As soon as they are running out, we will change them, as has happened with Cecilia Solo.

  • Apsun
  • Aquila
  • Artino
  • Artonus

    Artonus is a company which produces cases for string instruments and which has more than 30 years of experience in the sector and recognition in Europe, Asia and America. Their cases fulfill the needs of violinists, violists and cellists of all levels, since their offer is aimed at both students and professional musicians.

    In Luthier Vidal we offer a selection of Artonus cases for violin and viola: modern and practical models that constitute complete and versatile cases for all types of musicians.

  • Ary France

    The Ary France bows are recognized bows in the world of music. Offering its services since 1974, Ary France manufactures violin, viola, cello and double bass bows in a semi-industrial process, always using wood from Brazil or Pernambuco. All the production goes through a permanent quality control and is carried out in its entirety in its workshop in France. The Ary France bows offer an excellent ratio of quality / price, establishing itself as a house with experience in the world of the bow making.

    The more than 30 years that Ary France has been making bows have served to place his name among the most classic french bowmakers.

    All the Ary France bows are made with the finest materials thanks to its throrough selection, they are synonymous of quality and good performance and are known by the fast response and great projection they offer. Perfect performance for advanced students.

  • Bam

    With presence in the industry since the 80s, BAM Cases is considered one of the leading brands in the music cases market, not only for the high quality of its products, but also for its commitment to a wide variety of such functional as innovative designs.
    This cases have the purpose of giving musicians a strict combination of protection, quality and durability, always based on high quality materials and technological innovation. On the inside, and in order to provide high shock protection, they feature injected foam cushions that keep the instrument in suspension. On the outside, the shells are made from BAM's exclusive thermoforming techniques, with the aim of giving the greatest resistance to impacts and external elements.
    In addition, they offer a wide variety of designs from a wide range of aesthetic and functional lines, including the Hightech line -patented by BAM-, the Classic line, the La Défense line, L'Étoile or Saint Germain line.
    Currently, BAM Cases has presence in Europe, the United States and Asia, responding to all their demands worldwide.

  • Bogaro & Clemente

    Bogaro & Clemente is one of the best manufacturers of accessories for string instruments in the world. It was founded in 1985 by Vittorio Clemente and Edi Bogaro. Emerging as an occasional business to pay for their studies, B & C produces accessories for stringed instruments and bows and now enjoys great international recognition.

    Its products are designed, designed, made and tested in its Italian headquarters, thus ensuring that each component, each element and each assembly meets the established standards.

    Bogaro & Clemente designs, develops and produces most of the components of its cases: its aluminum mold, the airtight seal, the arc restraint system, the finishes and the paintings ... In addition, it has an R + D department for continue to improve all its productions combining high technology, tradition and know-how of the. In this way, B & C can guarantee a full 36-month warranty on all its products.

    Bogaro & Clemente accessories are the element that completes your instrument to make it perfect!

  • Bonmusica
  • Carmen Bruna

    Carmen Bruna are specialists in creating handmade products designed to protect instruments from moisture and temperature changes, as well as to protect the surface from scratches and fingerprints. Using French overlock and sewing techniques, they ensure that no seams are visible inside, which protects the instrument completely.

  • Clementino
  • Cocoon
  • Codabow

    Codabow is a prestigious and traditional bowmakers firm. They offer the best Pernambuco wood for elegant and demanding musicians players. Find at Luthier Vidal the Codabow violin, viola or cello bow that meets your demands!  

  • Col Legno
  • Corelli
  • Crown
  • D'Addario

    D'Addario is a renowned brand of strings and accessories for classical, acoustic and electric instruments located in New York. They are characterized in the world of the string instruments by its variety of strings aimed at violinists, violists, cellists and double bass players of all levels, as well as for its numerous accessories designed to make the musician's work easier.

    At Luthier Vidal we have different ranges of D'Addario strings for beginning students -such as Prelude and Pro-Arté-, and advanced and professional players -Kaplan Amo, Kaplan Vivo and Ascenté. D'Addario Helicore and D'Addario Zyex also respond to ranges of acoustic instruments.

    We also have a wide variety of accessories for violin, viola and cello under D'Addario's sub-brand Planet Waves. Among them you can find tuners, metronomes, rosins, cleaning clothes and fingers and wrist exercisers among many others.

  • Dampit
  • DO Cases

    Do Cases is a young and talented Brand born in Europe.
    Is specialized on building cases for Violin, Violas, Cellos and Bows. The aim of the company is to satisfy the musicians in their instruments needs. They decide to create cases for Cello, Violin and bows, and invest in a new cases line, which will be ready this soon.
    They want to make the bow instrument cases available and comfortable for everybody.

  • Dörfler

    Egidius Dörfler turned his small workshop into what we know today as the Dörfler house through perfection, extremely high quality standards and artistic intuition.

    To build their bows, Dörfler use only selected pernambuco woods that have been stored and dried to perfection for approximately 30 years. The pernambuco is ideal for constructing high level violin, viola and cello bows due to its great hardness, density and elasticity.

    The bristles of the bow are formed by white mane of steppe horses from the interior of Asia. The assemblies are made of mother-of-pearl and precious metals, giving the Dörfler bows an elegant appearance and a long service life.

    Guided by research and constant improvement, Dörfler has optimized the design of the bows to ensure good performance and excellent tonal qualities, as well as exceptional aesthetics.

    As for their high-end bows, the Dörfler Master bows exert a great influence on the sound, purity, strength and sharpness of the tone. Through these bows the player can influence the attack process in very different ways, causing the tonal effect and the bow transitions to produce the effects that he or she desires.

  • Einfach

    German-made lightweight yet durable cello endpin, offering good acoustic characteristics and an unbeatable price.

  • Everest

    Here you will find the most comfortable violin and viola shoulder rests at very affordable prices.  EVEREST shoulder rests are designed in the USA and manufactured with the finest material and workmanship.  Our shoulder rests were designed by a John's Hopkins' biomedical engineer to overcome the many shortcomings of existing traditional shoulder rests. EVEREST Violin and Viola Shoulder Rests are the only ergonomically designed and patented collapsible shoulder rests that provide the best comfort for violin and viola players of all levels.

  • Fiedler
  • For-Tune
  • G&Fills

    G&Fills Professional Pickup System is based on simplicity and efficiency. One single piezo-ceramic element mounted on the bridge provides a perfect capture and produces a warm and natural acoustic sound.

    G&Fills Professional Pickup System is removable and very easy to assemble. Includes a lightweight and handmade wood jack support in line with the aesthetics of the instruments. Lightweight and free of muting effect.

    VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO and DOUBLE BASS models available.

  • Gewa Music - Official Distributor

    GEWA Music is a German music accessories company created by George Walter in 1925. It is a consolidated brand that has a great presence in the sector: it has more than 35.000 references of products, among which we can find music cases, music stands, sheet music backpacks, tuners, and even instruments.

    Among this products, stand out their string instruments cases. They are high quality cases, designed to meet the needs of consumers of all kinds, always taking into account issues just as protection, weight and aesthetics of the product.

    The inside of these cases is padded with a suspension system covered in velvet, in order to protect the instrument against blows and scratches. On the outside, the material will depend on the aesthetic line of the product: carbon fiber, thermoplastic, natural fibers, canvas ...

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca we are official distributors of Gewa Music. We recommend some specific products, as the GEWA Air line -a range of high quality cases that are characterized by their ultralight weight and great protection. Also the GEWA Idea line, which also has very lightweight cases made of resistant carbon fiber, and the GEWA Bio line, cases manufactured in ecological natural fibers. Especially for cello, we recommend the GEWA Style line, which includes high quality cases made of carbon fiber that present a variety of colors available.

  • Götz

    The family business C.A.Goetz jr. has a long tradition in production and trading classical orchestral instruments. The company is now managed by the fourth family generation.

    The company started its business in 1884 with the very first order on handmade violin pegs. Since then, the product range had contineously been expanded and C.A. Götz jr. GmbH developed into the premium partner for stringed instruments, bows, accessories, tools and tone woods.

    The company's own "Götz" brand stands today, just as 130 years ago, for premium quality and is highly estimated among international experts. Only selected products, which meet our high expectations, carry our seal of quality.

  • Harbin
  • Hill

    W.E. Hill & Sons is one of the most famous companies in the history of violin making. The company worked extensively in crafting and trading fine stringed instruments, bows and accessories, and also established a truly enviable reputation with its expertise in historic stringed instruments.

  • Holfter
  • J.W. Eastman

    The exceptional high quality cases are nicely designed. But the musical instrument cases from Eastman do not have only an attractive exterior. Moreover the cases are very strong and stiff and the solid workmanship guarantees an optimal protection for the musical instrument.

    The high glossy glasfiber cases are available in the standard colors black, silver and white and the carbonfiber cases are offered in high gloss black and black matt finish. Moreover we offer the cases in a huge variety of other colors on demand.

  • Jakob Winter

    Manufactory of fine cases for musical instruments

    For more than 120 years Jakob Winter, the leading European manufacturer of cases for musical instruments, combines the best traditional craftsmanship and skill in working with different materials with the latest production technology. From handmade wooden cases to high-quality plastic cases to Greenline, our series of innovative cases made of natural fiber, we offer a unique variety to musicians.

    Sophisticated cases for musical instruments of the highest quality

    Cases for musical instruments must meet the highest standards. This is because, as a rule, the value of the content exceeds the value of the case by several orders of magnitude. For that reason, we produce in our German plants cases for musical instruments that fulfill the highest demands of professional musicians. At the same time, we make use of favorable location factors available at foreign production sites in order to be able to guarantee you high quality at reasonable prices for all our cases.

    Quality cases for musical instrument from the leading German manufacturer

    Independent from the choice of material, our musical instrument cases captivate by their extremely resistant shell structure. The low weight of our cases is completed by a sturdy handle and a comfortable backpack harness system. A strong cushioned suspension system and luxurious velvet protect the precious content. Quality locks ensure complete safety for the instrument.

  • Jargar

    About 1950 Danish cellist Jarl Hansen wanted more from his cello than gut strings could provide. As a member of the Royal Danish Opera Orchestra he became increasingly interested in string quality and sound, and for years he experimented in his spare time – until 1956, when he was ready to start his own company, Jargar Strings.

    What Jarl Hansen developed was a steel core based string, wound with thin threads of pure or alloyed metal. These new strings had a warm and brilliant tone and furthermore much greater stability, durability and strength than gut strings. These qualities quickly made Jargar strings highly popular throughout the classical music world and still Jargar provides musicians around the world with handmade, powerful and uniquely  responsive strings.


    is a word that can be used more and more seldom.Yet in Copenhagen lies a company that upholds a tradition for world-class handmade strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

    Brilliant Sound

    At Jargar we have no string industry. We practice string craft. Our skilled stringmakers each finish about 60 perfect strings a day with care, dedication and professional pride to produce the unique and characteristic warm and brilliant sound of our strings.

  • Jay Haide

    Ifshin Violins is proud to offer the Jay Haide line of violins, violas, cellos and now, string basses. Unlike many instruments in this price range, all Jay Haide instruments are hand-made of quality seasoned maple and spruce and have a tone quality and workmanship normally found in those costing much more. Violins, violas and cellos are available in four models. The Model 101 is an excellent choice for beginning or intermediate players. The à l'ancienne, Model 201 and Model 104 are made by more senior violin makers with finer quality aged wood for musicians requiring the best tone quality.

    The new Jay Haide à l'ancienne violins, violas, cellos and basses are brought to you after years of development. The varnish is a new formulation, carefully applied and beautifully antiqued giving each instrument the patina of age, so desired by both musicians and connoisseurs. And, they are as beautiful tonally as they are visually. The Jay Haide à l'ancienne has been designed for the advanced student and professional who needs an instrument that will compliment and enhance their artistic style.

  • Klaus Clement

    On January 1, 2010, Klaus Ludwig Clement opened a new master workshop in the music city of Leipzig. He now operates his workshop with his wife Stefanie Eva Clement under the roof of the venerable Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publishing Company, which was founded in 1807.

    Aside from his reputation as a violin maker, Klaus has also garnered an international reputation through numerous lectures about violin making and his special area of expertise, historical varnish recipes. Klaus derives his knowledge and experience from the study of scientific explorations of the nature of materials and acoustics, from the analysis of historical work techniques and methods, and above all, from the study of historical instruments of all provenances. The construction of his own instruments reflects all of the above interests and pursuits.His interest in, and exploration of the visual arts helps him in the process of finding his own style.

    Klaus is an active member of numerous professional organization and service clubs, most notably the Entente Internationale (EILA), the association of German Violin and Bow Makers (VDG), and the Violin Society of America (VSA). He is also a member of the examination committee of the chamber of handicrafts/artisans in Nuernberg.

  • Knoll

    The Knoll Company was founded in 1932 by ALFRED KNOLL (1909 - 1980). His son, Hartmut Knoll (born in 1937), master craftsman examination 1965, took over the firm in 1977. Alfred`s grandson Gerald Knoll (born in1968, master craftsman examination 1998) took over the workshop in 2003. The company has now spanned three generations of the Knoll family.

    We produce individually manufactured violin, viola, cello, gampa and bass bows in an extensive range. The quality range of our products extends from the good student bow to the highest requirements of the master's bow.

    A careful selection of woods, which have been stored for many years, as well as the precise craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of our products, exclusively performed by well trained specialists, are the most important foundations of our work. Even with the beginner's bow, we offer a carefully prepared and thus more than adequate tool to the hand of the instrumentalist. Weight and balance are optimal. Excellent technical and tonal characteristics are the result of specific planing treatment and bending of the stick. This increases throughout the entire quality range up to our master bows, representing the finest craftsman ship work of the master. Here carefully selected fine-pored pernambuco wood that has been stored for many years is used exclusively. The selection of the remaining materials is undertaken with similar care.

  • König & Meyer

    Established over 65 years ago in the music branch, our company stands for sophisticated equipment with excellent quality. Our products are distinguished by innovative design, functionality and durability.

    As one of the world's leading providers of music stands, microphone and instrument stands, speaker stands, seats and accessories for lighting, sound and studio technology, we constantly are challenged to develop innovative solutions for our customers’ needs and wishes.

    In accordance with our quality standards, almost all metal and plastic items are manufactured in in-house production. Over 1,500 stands and brackets are produced in our two plants in Germany and sold in 80 countries worldwide. Many of our products have already become classics as well as standards in the music industry.

    The following principles are the basis of our work:

    Customer satisfaction and quality
    We aim to offer our customers the highest quality products, services and solutions at attractive prices, thereby achieving long-term partnerships. We orientate ourselves around customer requirements, shape our business processes effectively and efficiently and continuously improve our quality.

    Responsible handling of our planet’s resources is the basis for successful and sustainable operations and maintaining a livable environment. Environmental aspects are considered in the planning of new products, activities and procedures. Environmental impacts are minimized or avoided at all levels in the plant by continuously improving processes and procedures. Besides cooperation with competent authorities, we inform the public about our environmental activities. We commit ourselves on the one hand to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and on the other hand to reviewing our environmental management system.

    Employee satisfaction and work safety
    We want our employees to find satisfaction and fulfilment in their work. A performance-based employment and a creative work environment, in which both the diversity and individuality of each person is esteemed, are just as important as safety. The safety and health of employees as well as third parties must be ensured in all working conditions and production processes. Preventing accident and injury, as well as improving health in the work place, is actively promoted.

    Market leadership
    Markets where we are already represented with meaningful and innovative products and designs are a top priority. We also want to venture into new areas and markets, building on our technologies and expertise. The high reputation of the König & Meyer brand shall be preserved and expanded.

  • Korg

    Since it was founded in 1963, Korg has aimed to create new experiences in music and interpretation. That was what led to the creation of the first disc-based drum machine in Japan, the Doncamatic, and later the development of the first Japanese synthesizer, and the world's first needle tuner, followed by numerous unique instruments that have brought The enjoyment of musical interpretation to many people around the world.

    Korg is determined to continue to create innovative and bold instruments that offer the high quality that inspires professional artists and composers and at the same time are accessible to everyone. The musical instruments that Korg will present reflect the ideas and values of the many artists and users who will continue to be fascinated by Korg products - now and in the future.

  • Kun

    Kun products have been known and appreciated world wide for over 35 years. The first Kun rest was designed and patented by Violin and Bow Maker Joseph Kun, who was a renowned violin pedagogue in his native Czechoslovakia before emigrating to Canada.

    Prior to the introduction of Kun rests in the marketplace, there were very few such devices available, with players often having to struggle with limited and makeshift solutions to correct or avoid discomfort while playing their violin or viola.

    The early Kun rest possessed two breakthrough characteristics: a new ergonomic shape for ease and comfort in playing and simple mechanisms allowing the rest to be adjusted in three directions. As well, the Kun rest had been designed with sound quality in mind. Our objective was minimal contact with the instrument, so that vibrations would not be absorbed.

    Thus, Kun basically established the world market for shoulder rests. Kun’s original prototype pioneered the market and its original shape remains popular today. Together with all of the important features of Kun rests, it provides the ideal in shoulder rest functionality.

    Led by Marina Kun since 1975, Kun Shoulder Rest has continued to set the standard in shoulder rest design and technology. Kun’s strategy is simple and rigorous: we combine high quality with creativity and technical innovation to provide products that consistently lead the field.

    Our innovations include pioneering the use of composite materials which ensure that the shoulder rest is light, unique folding mechanisms on our Collapsible, Bravo and Voce rests, the striking Bravo model, with its Italian hand made flamed maple wooden base that echoes the back of a fine violin, and coloured rests that delight young players. The base member of our Voce rest is made from aerospace-grade carbon fibre, chosen for its superior acoustic properties, strength and light weight, while incorporating a unique lateral adjusting mechanism. We have also introduced our Artist Series where each shoulder rest is laminated with modern art images—with each rest being unique.

    Kun holds patents and trademarks world wide, and is committed to ongoing research and development in order to meet the needs of players at all levels.

    Our long history of creative innovation, together with quality, comfort, durability and good value, means that Kun shoulder rests are overwhelmingly preferred by players worldwide.

    However, Kun’s endeavours do not stop there. Our company is a very strong contributor to the Arts—musical of course, as well as the visual arts. Kun is a major concert sponsor of the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival (the biggest in the world), many events and concerts including those of the Banff School of Music, Violin Society of America programs, and University music faculty scholarships, string orchestras and players, and donating to numerous music organizations. Kun also offers prizes in the visual arts, as well as being a contributor to many organizations in the field of social development and human rights.

  • Lapella

    The first LAPELLA product, LAPELLA® Rosin was invented in 1889 by Conrad Götz, owner of the classical strings instruments company C.A. Goetz jr. based in the instrument making region of Markneukirchen.

    Over the years LAPELLA® colophonium was continuously refined in cooperation with musicians and experts. In the 1920s Hans Sitt – a famous German violinist, composer and violin teacher based in Leipzig – was involved to improve LAPELLA® Rosin. He was, among many others, giving advice on playability and applicability, and spread the word about LAPELLA® around the globe.

    At the beginning of the 21st century LAPELLA® celebrated its revival. Based on more than 100 years‘ of tradition LAPELLA® Rosin has been redesigned and relaunched to fit the requirements of musicians of today. Formerly used production tools have been re-manufactured and the old compositions and blendings of the rosin have been reconstructed.

    That was also a first step to the brand new LAPELLA®  clean and care product line for classical strings instruments.  Further premium products have completed the LAPELLA® since then, and some brand new ones are currently under testing.

    Every LAPELLA® product is made in accordance with the tradition of the company aiming at the best quality by using all natural ingredients and manual production. Still today LAPELLA® Rosin cake is hand-crafted in the company’s premises in Markneukirchen.

  • L'Archet Brasil

    L'Archet Brazil Pernambuco wood Bows

    L'Archet Brasil is a company founded in 1996, currently based in the United States but of Brazilian origin, where it obtains the raw material for the manufacture of its bows.

    Access to top-quality pernambuco gives its bows an already exceptional quality. All of them are formed with this wood, although combining the composition of the metals and the walnut they manage to complete a very varied range of bows. In addition, L'Archet Brasil bows have a special treatment in aesthetics, becoming really attractive and distinctive pieces.

    Bowmaker A. Nardi

    The bowmaker A. Nardi from L'Archet Brasil is specialized in the construction of baroque bows. All his bows are made by selecting pernambuco woods of an excellent quality to achieve a great harmonic richness.

    His bows make it easy for the musician to give the instrument an authentic timbre and baroque sound. Each bow is a different creation: for the assembly of the bows he uses ebony, snake wood, antler and a synthetic material that imitates ivory.
    We offer you various models of your baroque bows here.

  • Larsen
  • Leatherwood

    The Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin is a premium rosin made for professional string players. It is born from the passion of the violinist Andrew Baker for everything related to the violin-making tradition: its colors, its textures, its aromas... Andrew has over 20 years of experience in the professional music world, as a violinist, pedagogue, researcher and manager, and Leatherwood Rosin is the way through which he continues contributing to the string-players world.

    Thanks to all this experience, and after numerous researches and tests, he developed the Leatherwood rosins with the aim of creating a rosin that allows players to be the best version of themselves.
    Leatherwood rosins are formulated in a different way for each instrument according to the physical characteristics of each one. In addition, there are two recipes available for each instrument: Crisp and Supple, which describe sound and feel of the rosin:

    The Crisp (violin, violacello and double-bass) emphasizes a sforzando attack, clear articulation, defined sautille bowing, and a precise and resounding sound.

    The Supple (violin, violacello and double-bass) gives rounder attack, seamless bow changes, and a warm sound.

  • Lenzner

    The history of music string making in the Markneukirchen area goes back more than 200 years. The company's origins can be traced back to the year 1900 when Gustav Lenzner set up a string winding works in order to meet the growing demand for wound strings at the time. Strings have been manufactured in the same buildings at Schulstrasse 18 in Erlbach without any interruption since the company was founded. It is true to say that the company was nationalised in East German days, but it was established new as early as 1991 directly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and operates under the new company name "Lenzner Saitenmanufaktur Reinhard Renz e.K." since 2005. At the Lenzner Saitenmanufaktur company, specialist workers, some of them with more than 30 years' professional experience, hand-craft nothing but quality strings able to meet very high demands. The company has the latest string winding equipment and can provide products for any application by using special materials, some of which are unusual when making strings. The company's strengths lie in the decades of experience in working out what is necessary for strings by not only using physical principles, but also the traditional, subjective experience gained over many years. This means that the firm is always able to provide strings with the best tone and technical properties, even if this often seems complicated as a result of the unhelpful features on the instrument. The circle of customers interested in special products has grown over many years and they mainly purchase strings for historical stringed and plucked instruments, lyres, kanteles, harps and zithers, musical therapy equipment and other special instruments. The company can also easily supply strings for instruments in far-off countries, such as aouds, sazes, Cretian lyres, zimbalons, bouzoukis, Celtic harps, balalaikas, domras and many others. The "Lenzner SOLOKLANG" brand has an extremely good reputation in specialist circles for zither and gut strings and the "Lenzner SUPERSOLO" brand for double basses. Strings sold under the renowned "FISOMA" brand name guarantee quality and reliability for standard strings suitable for all stringed and plucked instruments.

  • Luthier Vidal
  • Mach One

    Many consider the Mach One Shoulder Rest to be the first leap forward since the introduction of the traditional bar-type shoulder rest. My goal was to design a shoulder rest that is so comfortable that you don‘t even notice it‘s there! And my eye for design from my Pattern-maker and Luthier background helped me create not only a fully functional shoulder rest but also a beautiful one to complement the beauty of the violin.

     Players love the natural look of the wood and many have noticed that the rest actually improves the sound of their instrument.

    The sculptured shape of the Mach One Shoulder Rest molds perfectly to your shoulder. With this ergonomic design you have the option of adding the comfortable suede leather pad.

    The Mach One Shoulder Rest features a simple but fully adjustable design (width and height), whose graceful curves complement the instrument. The „S“ shape fits comfortably on your shoulder and minimizes the size of the feet. These are molded from a single piece rubber and have a lifetime guarantee. They will not scratch your valuable instrument.

    The Mach One Shoulder Rest has quickly gained international respect and recognition not only because of its functionality, but for its simplicity and elegance.

    Ergonomic, lightweight, form-fitting and most importantly so comfortable you won‘t even know it‘s there!

  • Marco Raposo
    Brazilian born, Marco Raposo studied bow making at the university of New Hampshire, in the United States, and decided to establish his workshop in the high mountains of Brazil's Atlantic Forest, in the village of Domingos Martins - ES, home of the precious Pernambuco wood - Pau-Brasil. 

    "Marco Raposo Bows", established in 1995, manufactures the finest quality bows for violin, viola, cello and bass, for professionals and advanced students.
  • Maria Amorós
  • Melos

    ELOS ROSIN owned and run by Christos Sykiotis, is established since 2002. He previously worked as a freelance cellist and teacher for ten years playing with a number of well known - and not so well known - orchestras and ensembles. He was born in Adelaide in Australia & raised in Thessaloniki , Greece. His father George was born in Halkidiki, a beautiful place in North Greece, full of pine trees. Christos spent his childhood summers running among those trees. In the following years he started the cello studies in Greece, advanced his studies in Germany & got the cello-degree in Fachakademie fuer Musik in Augsburg, Germany by the cello professor Markus Wagner. Since 1993 he lives in Thessaloniki with his family.

    Halkidiki, North Greece. A place full of pine trees...

    Christos Sykiotis in 1988 during his studies in Germany he started making rosin. He was familiar with the pine tree resin of his fatherland. After a lot of experiments with the high quality pine tree resin & colophony of Halkidiki as basis & other pure ingredients, he finalized the recipe for the cello rosin production. Testing with different strings, instrument bodies & temperatures, helped him to produce fantastic results for the violin, viola & bass rosin too. Christos as musician knew exactly how much & how, rosin can "bite" the strings of an instrument.

    After the establishment of the MELOS rosin company, Christos received very good comments from famous soloists & teachers from many countries. MELOS rosin now, it is considered to be the world’s finest and is available all over the world.

  • Michael Mönnig
  • Musafia
  • Musilia

    Despite being a relatively new brand, Musilia has quickly established itself as a leader in the cello and violin cases world. Musilia's cases were designed by a professional cellist from a family of cellists and due to their own experience, they made their products taking into account issues as weight, safety, dimensions or ease of carrying.

    Made of carbon fiber, the Musilia cases are characterized by their light weight and their great shock resistance. In addition, they count with a system directed to the player comfort in the transport of the instrument: a durable nylon strap that carries the weight of the case. An easy-mount system that allows the musician set the case up in just two minutes. A padded interior that adjusts to the specific measurements of the instrument in a simple turn of screw. All this contribute to the safety of the instrument, both outside and inside.

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca, we recommend cases like the Musilia S3, a lightweight cello case of only 2.5kg weight, or Musilia P1 for violin, of 2kg. Regarding some accessories, we recoomend the Comfort system for Musilia cello cases, a kind of backpack that works at the same time as music sheet pocket and lumbar support for easy carrying and comfort for the cellist.

  • New Harmony Music
  • Oktavia Chair
  • Paesold
  • Pedi
  • Pirastro

    Pirastro's long history dates back to 1798, when Giorgio Pirazzi founded "Giorgio Pirazzi & Sons", a string-making company for a string instruments. A hundred years later, the grandson of Pirazzi invited his friend, Theodor Strobel, to join him as a business partner, and so was created the the Pirastro brand which is still so well-known today.

    Throughout such a large experience, Pirastro has established itself as a leading brand in its activity: strings and rosins for string instruments. A large number of musicians around the world use Pirastro strings in their instruments, and for this reason, Pirastro is today synonym of professional sound.

    Pirastro strings are meticulously crafted in order to provide the musician with a wide range of tonal colors. To do this, the strings are distinguished in different ranges according to their material, their sound and their character. Thus, interpreters can choose between gut strings (such as Passione or Oliv), synthetic strings (Evah Pirazzi and Tonica), or metallic strings (such as Flexocor and Chromocor).

    Although it will depend on the taste of the player, from Xavier Vidal i Roca we recommend the following combinations: Pirastro Gold or Pirastro Tonica for high pitchs and Evah Pirazzi for deep ones when it comes to the violin. For viola, Evah Pirazzi Gold in combination with Pirastro Obligato or Evah Pirazzi in D string. As far as the cello is concerned, it is usual to use the Pirastro Passione or the Evah Pirazzi Solo in the treble and the Evah Pirazzi Gold in deep notes.

  • Planet Waves
  • Prim
  • Reiner Wilfer
  • Riboni
  • Rohema
  • Rostanvo
  • Sas
  • Schroetter
  • Serra
  • Sielam
  • Solipin
  • Stretto
  • Thomastik
  • Tonareli
  • Toro Strings
  • Viva La Musica
  • Wanka

    Christian Wanka, born 1973, started his career as a bowmaker with an apprenticeship under guidance of his father in 1992 which he has finished in 1995 with the federal winner award in the bow making craft (highest national rating in the journeyman’s exam).

    More valuable experience for his work he collected at a study seminar with the US bowmaker William Salchow, New York. At 2002 he did his master examination in bow making under the auspices of the chamber of trade Chemnitz. Since 2004 he leads the workshop of his father and continues the family tradition increasing the Wanka's worldwide prestige.

  • Warchal

    Warchal Strings utilize the experience of two generations of professional violinists. Their high quality strings are created using state-of-the-art technology. They use the latest materials, taking advantage from the advanced formulations that they have developed. Warchal continually invests in product research and development and are committed to providing players with exceptional quality. Find your Warchal Strings at Luthier Vidal!

  • Westminster
  • Wittner
  • wmutes

    WMutes produces high-quality mutes for violin, viola and cello. It is a company made up by professional musicians and jewelers who since 2010 have developed a new concept of mutes for string instruments.

    Their motivation stems from the need to present a high quality product, focusing on sound, usability and beauty.

    3D design our models after acoustic analysis. Then they melt them on specific refined bronze and hand-make every piece one by one. Finally, the mutes are dipped in gold, ruthenium or silver.

    The result are this beautiful mutes - both for concert and for study - which reduce the sound volume of string instruments without losing quality.

  • Wolf
  • Yumba

    The Yumba’s handmade rosins are Argentinian rosins made out of vegetable origin ingredients. The colophony that they use to make their rosins comes from an Argentine area called Litoral, which is a region surrounded by Iguazú, Uruguay and Paraná rivers. The tropical weather, the rivers that cross the land and the abundant rains of this area create optimal conditions for the growth of the pines, which provides unique qualities to Yumba’s rosins.

    These rosins for violin, viola, cello and double bass can be found in two different lines. The Standard line is designed for those musicians who start studying, although it is also highly valued by professional musicians. It is made with very soft mixtures that provide the bow with just the right grip, without leaving any waste on the instrument. On the other hand, the Bee line has been designed for professional musicians and orchestra soloists. The formulas mix the best ingredients of natural origin to achieve rosins of premium and extraordinary qualities.

  • Heiko Wunderlich
  • Kurt Schäffner
  • André Theunis
  • Bois d'Harmonie
  • Jon Paul
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