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ANDREA Rosins are premium rosins for violin, viola and cello made by Cremona in America. They were presented for the very first time in 2002 under the name of Tartini Rosin. The Tartini Rosins stood out quickly among renowned musicians and string lovers, for which a great demand was generated worldwide.

In September 2005, Andrea Bang presented an improved version of the Tartini called Andrea Rosin, designed to provide a more sensitive and sophisticated sound. In 2009, Cremona in America reintroduced the Andrea with improvements in performance and a new image.

The Andrea Rosins are available for violin, viola or cello, in four styles:

  • Andrea Solo rosin, intended for soloists. It provides a powerful and sensitive sound, maximizing the projection and allowing a clean and clear articulation.
  • The Andrea Orchestra are resins designed to provide an ideal sound to play in sets, without sacrificing clarity or good articulation.
  • The Andrea A Piacere features the original Tartini Green formula, providing effortless arc control with good sound production.
  • The Andrea Sanctus rosin, the newest of Cremona in America, released in 2018. It has been formulated to give endless possibilities in the sound of stringed instruments. It is born from the combination of two different formulas to provide optimal sound balance and arc control.
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