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Kun products have been known and appreciated world wide for over 35 years. The first Kun rest was designed and patented by Violin and Bow Maker Joseph Kun, who was a renowned violin pedagogue in his native Czechoslovakia before emigrating to Canada.

Prior to the introduction of Kun rests in the marketplace, there were very few such devices available, with players often having to struggle with limited and makeshift solutions to correct or avoid discomfort while playing their violin or viola.

The early Kun rest possessed two breakthrough characteristics: a new ergonomic shape for ease and comfort in playing and simple mechanisms allowing the rest to be adjusted in three directions. As well, the Kun rest had been designed with sound quality in mind. Our objective was minimal contact with the instrument, so that vibrations would not be absorbed.

Thus, Kun basically established the world market for shoulder rests. Kun’s original prototype pioneered the market and its original shape remains popular today. Together with all of the important features of Kun rests, it provides the ideal in shoulder rest functionality.

Led by Marina Kun since 1975, Kun Shoulder Rest has continued to set the standard in shoulder rest design and technology. Kun’s strategy is simple and rigorous: we combine high quality with creativity and technical innovation to provide products that consistently lead the field.

Our innovations include pioneering the use of composite materials which ensure that the shoulder rest is light, unique folding mechanisms on our Collapsible, Bravo and Voce rests, the striking Bravo model, with its Italian hand made flamed maple wooden base that echoes the back of a fine violin, and coloured rests that delight young players. The base member of our Voce rest is made from aerospace-grade carbon fibre, chosen for its superior acoustic properties, strength and light weight, while incorporating a unique lateral adjusting mechanism. We have also introduced our Artist Series where each shoulder rest is laminated with modern art images—with each rest being unique.

Kun holds patents and trademarks world wide, and is committed to ongoing research and development in order to meet the needs of players at all levels.

Our long history of creative innovation, together with quality, comfort, durability and good value, means that Kun shoulder rests are overwhelmingly preferred by players worldwide.

However, Kun’s endeavours do not stop there. Our company is a very strong contributor to the Arts—musical of course, as well as the visual arts. Kun is a major concert sponsor of the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival (the biggest in the world), many events and concerts including those of the Banff School of Music, Violin Society of America programs, and University music faculty scholarships, string orchestras and players, and donating to numerous music organizations. Kun also offers prizes in the visual arts, as well as being a contributor to many organizations in the field of social development and human rights.

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