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L'Archet Brasil 

L'Archet Brazil Pernambuco wood Bows

L'Archet Brasil is a company founded in 1996, currently based in the United States but of Brazilian origin, where it obtains the raw material for the manufacture of its bows.

Access to top-quality pernambuco gives its bows an already exceptional quality. All of them are formed with this wood, although combining the composition of the metals and the walnut they manage to complete a very varied range of bows. In addition, L'Archet Brasil bows have a special treatment in aesthetics, becoming really attractive and distinctive pieces.

Bowmaker A. Nardi

The bowmaker A. Nardi from L'Archet Brasil is specialized in the construction of baroque bows. All his bows are made by selecting pernambuco woods of an excellent quality to achieve a great harmonic richness.

His bows make it easy for the musician to give the instrument an authentic timbre and baroque sound. Each bow is a different creation: for the assembly of the bows he uses ebony, snake wood, antler and a synthetic material that imitates ivory.
We offer you various models of your baroque bows here.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 19 items