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The first LAPELLA product, LAPELLA® Rosin was invented in 1889 by Conrad Götz, owner of the classical strings instruments company C.A. Goetz jr. based in the instrument making region of Markneukirchen.

Over the years LAPELLA® colophonium was continuously refined in cooperation with musicians and experts. In the 1920s Hans Sitt – a famous German violinist, composer and violin teacher based in Leipzig – was involved to improve LAPELLA® Rosin. He was, among many others, giving advice on playability and applicability, and spread the word about LAPELLA® around the globe.

At the beginning of the 21st century LAPELLA® celebrated its revival. Based on more than 100 years‘ of tradition LAPELLA® Rosin has been redesigned and relaunched to fit the requirements of musicians of today. Formerly used production tools have been re-manufactured and the old compositions and blendings of the rosin have been reconstructed.

That was also a first step to the brand new LAPELLA®  clean and care product line for classical strings instruments.  Further premium products have completed the LAPELLA® since then, and some brand new ones are currently under testing.

Every LAPELLA® product is made in accordance with the tradition of the company aiming at the best quality by using all natural ingredients and manual production. Still today LAPELLA® Rosin cake is hand-crafted in the company’s premises in Markneukirchen.

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