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Pirastro's long history dates back to 1798, when Giorgio Pirazzi founded "Giorgio Pirazzi & Sons", a string-making company for a string instruments. A hundred years later, the grandson of Pirazzi invited his friend, Theodor Strobel, to join him as a business partner, and so was created the the Pirastro brand which is still so well-known today.

Throughout such a large experience, Pirastro has established itself as a leading brand in its activity: strings and rosins for string instruments. A large number of musicians around the world use Pirastro strings in their instruments, and for this reason, Pirastro is today synonym of professional sound.

Pirastro strings are meticulously crafted in order to provide the musician with a wide range of tonal colors. To do this, the strings are distinguished in different ranges according to their material, their sound and their character. Thus, interpreters can choose between gut strings (such as Passione or Oliv), synthetic strings (Evah Pirazzi and Tonica), or metallic strings (such as Flexocor and Chromocor).

Although it will depend on the taste of the player, from Xavier Vidal i Roca we recommend the following combinations: Pirastro Gold or Pirastro Tonica for high pitchs and Evah Pirazzi for deep ones when it comes to the violin. For viola, Evah Pirazzi Gold in combination with Pirastro Obligato or Evah Pirazzi in D string. As far as the cello is concerned, it is usual to use the Pirastro Passione or the Evah Pirazzi Solo in the treble and the Evah Pirazzi Gold in deep notes.

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