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The Yumba’s handmade rosins are Argentinian rosins made out of vegetable origin ingredients. The colophony that they use to make their rosins comes from an Argentine area called Litoral, which is a region surrounded by Iguazú, Uruguay and Paraná rivers. The tropical weather, the rivers that cross the land and the abundant rains of this area create optimal conditions for the growth of the pines, which provides unique qualities to Yumba’s rosins.

These rosins for violin, viola, cello and double bass can be found in two different lines. The Standard line is designed for those musicians who start studying, although it is also highly valued by professional musicians. It is made with very soft mixtures that provide the bow with just the right grip, without leaving any waste on the instrument. On the other hand, the Bee line has been designed for professional musicians and orchestra soloists. The formulas mix the best ingredients of natural origin to achieve rosins of premium and extraordinary qualities.

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