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Viola bows size under 15" 

In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have a selection of viola bows for those sizes below 15 inches. The viola players that have 11 ", 12", 13 "and 14" violas represent the youngest sector, so we have chosen bows that adapt to all levels and needs allowing them to advance in their musical learning. 

All our bows are carefully tested one by one under strict quality guidelines that our company imposes with the purpose of offering a bow range of an exceptional level. In addition, all our bows have a professional assembly guarantee that assures their optimization. 

The bow is an essential tool when it comes to playing the viola, since the quality of its materials and its production will be decisive when it comes to obtain one kind of sound or another. In addition, the musician must feel totally comfortable with it to do a better technical execution. 

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