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Violas for all levels 

At Luthier Vidal we have violas of all sizes and levels. All of them have been previously calibrated guaranteeing an excellent sound. We also have a professional specialized team willing to guide your decision according to your needs and preferences in order to provide you fully satisfaction in the purchase of your instrument. 

Viola as an instrument 

Viola is a string instrument that sits between the violin and the cello in terms of tonality. It is longer and a little wider than the violin, so it has also a lower tone as an instrument, being recognized as the contralto or the dramatic tenor of the family. For this reason, viola has always been more used for harmonics in the symphonic literature rather than as a solo instrument. However, many composers and performers have succumbed to the charms of its melancholic sound, for example Bach. 

Xavier Vidal I Roca guarantee 

All our violas have a professional assembly guarantee that our luthier team is responsible to realize. We start from a base of high quality materials that are worked in our workshop in an accurate, manual and delicate way in order to obtain the best results and optimization. Our guarantee covers the following processes: change of the bridge, change of the soundpost, adjustment and rectification of the fingerboard, the nut and the peg box, as well as the assembly of the strings and the tailpiece. In addition, through an acoustic test, our luthiers ensure that the viola respond with all its potential at the time of being played. 

The viola sizes 

The viola is the only instrument of his family that is governed by a different scale when it comes to size. There is no standard size for adults as there is for violin and cello. In addition the viola is usually measured in inches, being one inch equivalent to 2.54 cm. As a general rule, violas of smaller sizes such as 11 ", 12" and 13 " violas are intended for children, since they have an small shape and are easier for them to handle. The 14 " and 15" are ideal for teenagers, being the 15" viola the minimum size considered for an adult. From the 15” viola we can find bigger sizes for adults, being more common the 15.5" and 16 " violas, although we can also find violas of up to 18". There was a time when famous violists began to use bigger sizes violas captive by the sound of a bigger soundboard. The problem was that this fact turned out to be harmful for the musicians that practiced it, because using a viola bigger than their own size produced them injuries. For this reason, it is very important that the viola totally adapts to the musician who plays it, since the wrong measure will reduce comfort and performance. 

The viola levels 

In our website you can search your ideal viola in the easiest and faster way. We have level bars that represent in a very visual way the functionality of each instrument. In this way, through filters, you can select your preferred level and our searcher will offer you all those violas that best suit your needs. 

E1: Ideal instruments for initiation students that include all the guarantees to ensure the progression of the beginning musician. 

E2: Selection of instruments that are characterized by a higher level of quality of sound and performance in the study range that allow the student to improve without limitations. 

A1: Instruments designed for students at an advanced level who require quality material that allows them to improve in their learning and studies. When you are not sure you want to pursue higher musical studies, these violas cover the needs for a longer study period. 

A2: Selection oriented to students who plan to undertake higher or professional studies in the near future. They cover the needs and requirements for a good musical level in terms of sound, tone and emission. Recommended as second instrument for professionals. 

S1: Very high performance instruments ideal for musicians of higher courses or as second instrument for professionals thanks to its superior level in sound, power and emission. 

S2: It collect the highest level violas aimed at professional musicians or students of the higher courses. This selection consists of both old and contemporary instruments by the hand of significant luthiers that fully cover the guarantee of conservation status and certificate. 

Buy online 

If you want to buy a quality viola, in our workshop located in Barcelona you can find a great variety of violas at reasonable prices that you can try in our test rooms. Our professionals will be able to help you and guide you in case you need it. If you already know the viola you want to buy, you can buy viola online right here, in our web store, counting in both options with a guarantee that ensures the perfect condition and operation of the viola.

Nowadays the 50% of purchases in Spain are made online, the lack of time and the schedules of the physical stores have increased this method of purchase. That is why Xavier Vidal i Roca wants to provide you an online store 24 hours a day so that you can find the easiest way to get your instrument. Our page is clear and simple, you just have to register or create an account if you are a new user, and place your order. For more illustration we have different sections in our page that will guide you in the process and will show you the price ranges of shipping according to locality. For purchases at the national level shipping costs are free from 200€ of purchase and will be delivered within a period of 24 to 48 hours on weekdays. However, the instruments will not be sent on Fridays or on holiday’s eve, since from our team we want to guarantee their good condition at the time of being delivered avoiding their storage. 

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  • Violas size 11"

    The sizes of a viola are varied and although we can find more or less some standard measures, this instrument must adapt perfectly in size to obtain the musician total comfort. We can find the measures of the viola expressed in inches, centimeters or millimeters, being one inch equivalent to 2.54 cm (25.4mm). 

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have 11" size violas. They are ideal for the youngest students of the sector. When a child starts playing the viola, it is wise to use the smaller sizes, as it will be easier for him to handle small shapes. Our 11" violas are previously calibrated with high quality materials and in the best possible way to guarantee an excellent sound and ensuring the correct training of the child. 

    To prove the ideal measurement of the instrument the arm extension should be measured from the center of the hand to the neck. However, it is advisable that the child try different measures in order to find the ideal one, since the length of the hand and fingers are also a very important factor. 


  • Violas size 12"

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca you can find 12-inch violas, ideal for the youngest students in the sector. Our catalog is the result of a detailed and careful selection made by our professional team. In addition, we guarantee a later revision in our workshop in which we assure an excellent acoustic quality for each viola. 

    We can find some standard measures for violas, but this instrument is characterized by its variety in size, which must fit perfectly the musician to ensure a perfect performance. Violas of smaller sizes, such as 12 ", are more common for children while adults use larger size violas. The size of the violas is usually represented in inches, although they can also be found in centimeters or millimeters. One inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm or 25.4 mm. 

    To guide us in the search for our ideal viola size we must measure the length of the arm from the center of the hand to the neck. But we recommend that the child try different measures to find his ideal, since the length of the hand and the fingers also influence when choosing the viola.

  • Violas size 13"

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have several models of 13" violas. These have been previously selected and checked by our professional team with the intention of providing the highest possible quality and guarantee their acoustics in order to suit needs and preferences. 

    Viola is an instrument that differs in size according to the musician who plays it. It is very important for the performance and comfort of the violist that the instrument will suit him perfectly. Usually small-sized violas are used by children and young people while larger violas are performed by adults. The 13" violas are considered small and are perfect for the young ones. 

    Generally we find viola sizes expressed in inches, but we can also find them in centimeters or millimeters, being one inch equivalent to 2.54 cm (25.4 mm). When determining the ideal size, the arm length should be measured, as well as the length of the hand and fingers. It is advisable to try more than one size of viola to find the one that best suits the musician. 


  • Violas size 14"

    The viola sizes are varied, and although there are settled some standard measures this instrument must adapt perfectly in size to obtain the musician total comfort. The wrong viola size could lead to injury. We can find the measures of the viola most commonly expressed in inches, being one inch equivalent to 2.54 cm (25.4mm). 

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have 14" violas that have been previously calibrated guaranteeing an excellent sound and optimization. We have a team of professionals specialized in the sector willing to guide your decision when choosing your viola according to your needs and preferences. In this way we assure to you a complete satisfaction in the purchase of your instrument. 

    The 14" violas are ideal for young violists, being the largest violas used by adults. However, the ideal size should be checked by measuring the length of the arm and considering also the size of your fingers and hand. That's why, from our team we recommend to try several viola sizes to find the one that fits you better. 

  • Violas starting from 15"

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have a great selection of violas from the 15" size to bigger that are in the market. Our professional staff calibrate previously the instruments to guarantee the best sound and acoustic quality. 

    The viola, although being from the same family as the violin and cello, is governed by a different size scale, since there is no standard measure for adults. The violas of 15" are considered the minimum size for adult violists, being common the sizes of 15,5" and 16 ". We can also find larger sizes that can reach up to 18 ", but these are not so usual. It is important that the instrument adapts perfectly to the violist in order to guarantee maximum performance and comfort, as well as avoiding injuries when playing. 

    To find your ideal viola size you should measure the arm length from the center of the hand to the neck. The length of the hand and the fingers are very important factors that will also determine which exact size of viola best fits to you. That's why we recommend you try different sizes of viola as long as you find the right one for you. 

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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