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Violas starting from 15" 

In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have a great selection of violas from the 15" size to bigger that are in the market. Our professional staff calibrate previously the instruments to guarantee the best sound and acoustic quality. 

The viola, although being from the same family as the violin and cello, is governed by a different size scale, since there is no standard measure for adults. The violas of 15" are considered the minimum size for adult violists, being common the sizes of 15,5" and 16 ". We can also find larger sizes that can reach up to 18 ", but these are not so usual. It is important that the instrument adapts perfectly to the violist in order to guarantee maximum performance and comfort, as well as avoiding injuries when playing. 

To find your ideal viola size you should measure the arm length from the center of the hand to the neck. The length of the hand and the fingers are very important factors that will also determine which exact size of viola best fits to you. That's why we recommend you try different sizes of viola as long as you find the right one for you. 

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