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Violoncellos and accessories for all levels 

Xavier Vidal and Roca will find everything you are looking for your cello acording to your preferences and needs as well as your level. We have instruments for beginners, advanced and professional. You can also find a selection of cellos, strings and baroque bows.

The cello as an instrument

The cello is a string instrument that is between the viola and the bass in terms of tonality. It takes the form of a lower violin which, for its size, is hold stranded up resting on the floor between the legs of the cellist so he or she can play it with the bow. Its name derives from the Italian word "violoncello" which means sky viola. From here also comes the abbreviation for its more commonly known name "cello". This instrument provides a rich and sonorous tone, being considered the instrument that is more similar to the human voice. Despite its size, the cello is a very expressive instrument and plays a fundamental role in the group of strings of the orchestra. Although usually runs the serious parts, it is so versatile that it is also use to interpret some melodic parts. It also takes part in a fundamental way on the base of quartets.


Cello history

This instrument takes its origins in the XV century, when lower violas da braccio adapted a derivation form of the violin. Despite that it emerged more or less at the same time as the violin, the cello was unsuccessful because it had a big rival at the moment, the viola da gamba. Also, other instruments from that period as the violón or the basset were certain similar to cello. At the beginning we can find some variants of the same instrument in terms of sizes, shapes and clamping tessituras and interpretation. It was from the next century that the cello began to gain ground to viola, resulting more effective on accompaniments. Italian luthiers, most of them from Cremona, began to give consistency to the instrument in the XVII century. Many of this generation of cellos were basically decorative, such as the Amati ones, but mostly were created for the use. In fact, it was for these decades when it was established as a permanent instrument in some official orchestras and some musicians began to compose works especially created for cello as those of Domenico Gabrieli and Giuseppe Maria Jacchini. But it was Stradivarius when, in the early XVIII century, normalized its size from 80 to 76cm making it most similar to the current model. Also it is known that the Stradivarius cellos are today the most expensive in the world and the most appreciated for their particular sound. Decades later, in the XIX, it was added the endpin as a support base. But it was still a not well recognized instrument to be played by the female gender, as it is need to place it between the legs in order to play the instrument. Thus, it was not until the twentieth century that some upper class women began using the cello. During the last century the heyday of interpreters of this instrument has been increasing, leaving us today with many good pieces and performers. A great example there is the hymns of the ONU composed by the catalan Pau Casals, "Hymn of Peace".

Cello parts

The cello physically follows the pattern of the bowed string instruments. It is characterized by the large size of its soundboard, or body, which is composed of an upper cover and a lower cover which are joined and closed by a side piece of wood. Inside there is the sound post, a wooden cylinder connecting the two covers by the sharper strings. Also with the soundboard we find the bass-bar, which helps to distribute the vibrations to the cover and at the same time provides support to the structure. Located between the two F shaped openings on the upper cover we find the bridge. This will give us a better or worse transmission of vibrations to the box depending on its cut and quality. Attached to the body, there is the neck upward running until the peg box where the pegs are arranged and, up to this, the scroll.

From the peg box until near the bridge we find the fingerboard, which is based on a hardwood bar which function is let the musician step the strings in order to obtain different notes. The four strings are arranged from the tailpiece to the peg box. For the tuning of these we moderate their tension by the pegs, and additionally by the keys included in the tailpiece providing a perfect sound by applying more pressure on the cord itself. Finally, at the bottom of the instrument we find the button where is located the endpin, whisch main function is none other than support the cello on the floor and adjust its height for comfort.

Despite the professional standard cello size is 4/4, there are other smaller sizes as ¾, ½ or 1/8.



The materials used for the soundboard is usually pine wood and the bridge, the mast and the head the material is maple wood. However, are also used as alternative materials beech wood, willow or cedar. Some low quality cellos can also be made in laminated and we can even find some made of composite materials such as carbon fiber. Tensors and endpins are generally made of steel, but there are some make of carbon fiber or even wood. Ebony wood is usually the material used for the fingerboard, pegs and tailpiece.



The bow

The bow is essential to get better results in the technical execution of the instrument. Besides it is a fundamental accessory to play the viola, as any bowed string instrument, this will determine the quality of the sound obtained when touched. Putting on a side the technical interpretation of the musician and the quality of the instrument, the bow takes an important role in the recipe, the good quality of this is necessary to complement it.


The bow consists in a head, a stick and hair bow. The last part, hair bow, are usually from male horses because his stronger manes. Although the color usually does not have much influence, bassists and cellists prefer to use black hair, as it is said that it provides more character to interpretation.

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  • Cellos for all levels

    Luthier Vidal has cellos of all sizes that has been previously calibrated ensuring excellent sound. We also have a team of professionals specialized in the sector willing to guide your decision according to your needs and preferences obtaining full satisfaction in the purchase of your instrument.

    At Luthier Vidal you will find a large assortment of cellos, cello bows, cello strings and many accessories for cello.

  • Cellos bows for all levels

    At Luthier Vidal we have a selection of bows for cello for demanding musicians with his instrument. Our bows are carefully selected one by one and tested under the strictest quality standards required by our company to offer a range of bows with a high quality.

  • Cello Packs

    At Luthier Vidal we have developed cello packs that include an instrument, a bow and a case so that you have a complete equipment at a lower price than if you purchase it separately. These are ideal packs for students looking for quality cellos and bows protected by a case that fulfills the safety and protection functions in an excellent way. Each element has been selected under our expert criteria, always thinking about the needs of cellists and the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer, which are always first class.

  • Cellos strings

    Luthier Vidal has a catalog of very extensive cello strings. Designed to satisfy any kind of musician according to his profile and demands. From the sweetest to their interpretation even the most aggressive and demanding market. We also have multiple brands with high quality assurance.

  • Cases for Cellos

    At Luthier Vidal we have an extensive catalog of cello cases of very diverse shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, ideal for any cellist profile. From the most classic to the most modern and fantastic.

  • Rosins for cellos

    Luthier Vidal has a selection of resins for cello bows. Within our range, you can find clear, dark resins, designed for gut strings and even allergic to the resin musicians. Find the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

  • Endpins for Cellos

    Xavier Vidal i Roca you can find pikes for cello. We have different ranges in price depending on the composition of the pike. Find the one that best suits your needs, before any consultation issue and seek advice look for our team of professionals will be available.

  • Belts and pinstoppers for cellos

    Xavier Vidal i Roca have a selection of belts and pinstoppers for cellos designed for different preferences and needs. Ask for advice from our team of professionals with any question, we will be happy to advise you.

  • Wolf eliminator for cellos

    Xavier Vidal i Roca you can find the solution to eliminate vibrations that generates imperfections in the sound of the cello. Discover the sound-vibrations eliminator from our catalog.

  • Mutes for cellos

    Xavier Vidal i Roca has a sordines catalog for cellos. They are made with different materials such as rubber, metal or plastic. Find the one that best suits your instrument according to your preferences and goals.

  • Cello Stands

    Xavier Vidal i Roca Cello has different models of stands to suit the size of your cello. Find the one that best fits your instrument according to your preferences and needs.

  • Tailpieces and tensors for cellos

    Xavier Vidal i Roca you can find a selection of tailpieces and tensioners for cello. We have different shapes and sizes according to the size of your instrument and the tension required. You can see our catalog to find the range of composite materials and color of the pieces of your preference

  • Cello pijamas
  • Baroque cellos

    Xavier Vidal i Roca has a range of baroque cellos for early music cellists. Discover the selection of our catalog and seek advice from our team of professionals on the specific characteristics of each instrument, to choose the one that best fits your needs and requirements.

  • News about Cellos

    Xavier Vidal i Roca you can find and be the first to know the latest developments and industry trends. Find out today in the world of cellos and knows our latest acquisitions in cellos and cellos accessories.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 432 items

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