Witches Sabbath (1797-98) Francisco de GoyaWitches Sabbath (1797-98) Francisco de Goya

All Saints’ Day: Dream of the Night of the Sabbath- 5th. Mov. Hector Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony

21 OCT 2019

The eve of All Saints Day, popularly known as Halloween, is approaching. It was once believed that the spirits of the departed walked among the living during the night while feasts and sacred rites were performed, including communication with the dead. In the music world, especially in the romantic period, there was a fascination with...

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Luthier Vidal Joins the International Day Against Breast Cancer.

Luthier Vidal joins the International Day against Breast Cancer.

10 OCT 2019

For the second consecutive year, on the International Day against Breast Cancer (19 October), Luthier Vidal will donate for each purchase in his online shop (www.luthiervidal.com). This year, the amount to be donated has doubled from €1 to €2 for each online order. The proceeds will be donated to the Spanish Association Against...

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Best set cello strings

The Ultimate Guide: Best Cello Strings Set Recommended By Luthier Vidal

26 SEP 2019

Cello strings are the main part of your equipment set up. The brand and type of string you choose will affect directly the sound of it. Based on levels of experience, preferences, and needs. Cello players tend to mix their instrument strings, having several types of strings on the same cello allows possibilities of combining color, sound, and...

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Best set Viola Strings

Best Viola Strings Set Recommended By Luthier Vidal

26 SEP 2019

The strings are one of the most important parts of the viola since, when combined with an arch, they finally produce the beautiful sound color by which the violas are known, so it is vital to choose the best viola strings. Given the wide variety of violas and the uniqueness inherent in each viola, there is no "best viola string" solution. We...

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Violin Strings

Best Violin Strings Set Recommended By Luthier Vidal

26 SEP 2019

Choosing the best violin strings for your instrument is very important. Finding the right strings ensures that you can play your violin to its full potential, leading to more efficient development as a musician. Without proper guidance, selecting strings can become a rather complex and confusing process. It’s not the kind of violin strings you...

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Rent a violin

Rental instruments

16 JUL 2019

Our string instrument rental facilitate the access to musical training and enable to cover the pedagogic needs that show up at every stage of the musical education. They are ideal for children who are just beginning to learn to play the violin, the viola or the cello but also for adults who wish to fulfill their dream of playing a...

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