Victor Bernard bow maker

Xavier Vidal I Roca
Victor Bernard - Luthier Vidal

Victor BERNARD was born in 1985 in Compiegne, near Paris.
In 2005, he went to England to study at the International Lutheran School Newark, where he graduated in 2008.
During his studies, Jean-Pierre Leclercq, luthier of Lille, invited him to deepen his learning in his atelier.
Passionate about the construction of bows, he joined Maison Bernard in Brussels in 2008.

Pierre Guillaume taught him how to manufacture, restore bows, while developing his admiration for the antique bows.
In 2012 he received a certificate of finalist in the "celon en seine" archery competition.
In 2014, he joined Atelier Flagey in Brussels and worked alongside violinists Catherine Janssens and Joanne Van Bosterhaut.

Victor is an active member of Ekho, an association created for the promotion of violin and contemporary bow making.

In 2014, his work was recognized by the Marcel Vatelot Foundation and received a grant to help him develop his workshop and prepare international bow competitions.

In 2013 he worked with Georges Tepho and Eric Fournier, Eric Grandchamp in Britania and also with Emmanuel Carlier in Paris