Bow maker Jean Pascal Nehr

Xavier Vidal I Roca
Jean Pascal Nehr - Luthier Vidal

In 1974 Jean Pascal began his apprenticeship in the school of Mirecourt with the main manufacturer of bows: Bernard Ouchard.
After graduating in 1977, he opened his studio in Paris where, in parallel with repairs and restorations of old bows for luthiers, he began to create his own bows.
From 1986 to 1990, he worked on the luthier C. L. Hommel in Marseilles.

Jean Pascal makes his bows according to the French tradition: made 100% by hand.
Nehr acknowledges that he draws inspiration from the earliest manufacturers of nineteenth-century French bows: Percibir J. M., J. D. Adam E. Pajeot N. Alcalde; But especially F. X. Tourte.
He also admits that working alone maintains almost daily contact with all musicians, since all the evaluations and suggestions that make him arrive are necessary to improve his bows.


Jean Pascal Nehr Gold Viola Bow, here
Jean Pascal Nehr Silver Violin Bow, here
Jean Pascal Nehr Mixed Silver Violin Bow, here