Marçal Serradesanferm Luthier

Xavier Vidal I Roca
Marçal Serradesanferm - Luthier Vidal

Marçal SERRADESANFERM was born in 1977 in a village in the Catalan mountain, Castellterçol.
As a child, he remembers the smell of wood playing with chips in the family workshop, and always surrounded by the art of marquetry together with the office of his father's cabinetmaker; Whose then unconscious inspiration, helped him after finishing his higher studies of violin and viola, upon entering the Scuola di Liuteria di Cremona. This is where he studied luthier between 2003 and 2007.
After finishing his training period, and after working as an apprentice for several luthiers and restorers Cremoneses such as Andrea Castellani or Boris Sverdlik, he continued to train as an independent professional this time in the archeology specialty with the maestro Giovani Lucchi.
After nine years living in Italy, in 2010 he decided to return to his native Catalonia and continue with the trade opening his own workshop. In the work from then on like luthier, repairing and making violins, violas and cellos for different professional musicians.
In addition, Serradesanferm renders its manufacturing and restoration services for the Catalan luthier Xavier Vidal i Roca in his shop-workshop in Barcelona.

Marçal Serradesanferm Violin, here
Marçal Serradesanferm Viola 2007, here
Marçal Serradesanferm Viola 2017, here

Violín Marçal Serradesanferm