Christian Wanka Bow Maker

Xavier Vidal I Roca
Christian Wanka - Luthier Vidal

Christian WANKA, born in 1973, began his training as a manufacturer of bows in 1992 with his father.

In 2000, he left the family business to take advantage of a six-month stay at The Sound Post in Toronto, Canada. He gained more valuable experience by his work, among others, in a seminar of studies with the manufacturer of arc William Salchow, New York.

In 2002 he took his master's exam in archery before the Chamber of Chemnitz.

Since 2004, he directs his father's workshop and continues the tradition.
Passionate about the construction of arches, he joined Maison Bernard in Brussels in 2008.
In 2014, his work was recognized by the Marcel Vatelot Foundation and received a grant to help him develop his workshop and prepare international competitions.

Christian Wanka Gold Cello Bow, here
Christian Wanka Silver Cello Bow, here
Christian Wanka Silver Violin Bow, here