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Rental instruments for infants, youngsters and adults 

Our string instrument rental facilitate the access to musical training and enable to cover the pedagogic needs that show up at every stage of the musical education.

They are ideal for children who are just beginning to learn to play the violin, the viola or the cello but also for adults who wish to fulfill their dream of playing a string instrument, at any point.

Why rent a violin, viola or violoncello for my son or daughter at Luthier Vidal?

Sometimes, and especially during the first years of musical training, the purchase of a violin, a viola or a cello can lead to many ​​doubts. Which instrument is better? Would my daughter or my son like to play the violin? Is it worth buying a cello if perhaps after a few months he or she get bored and leave it? What if in a few months the instrument is too small? Maybe is not the moment to invest in an string instrument yet.

To solve these concerns, at Luthier Vidal we decided to stablish a string instrument rental program which offers violins, violas and cellos of great quality and sound that can be enjoyed for a simple monthly amount.

We offer them in different sizes and we facilitate the changing to larger sizes, so that the instrument change is natural for the begginer musician and encourages the permanent learning of the violin, the viola or the violoncello.

These instruments are professionally set-up at our workshops. Our team of luthiers improves everything that is necessary (bridge, pegs, strings, adjustments in the fingerboard and much more) to ensure the small musicians a violin, viola or cello of the best features that allow them to develop their technique in an ideal way.

In the instrument rental fees are included both the case and the bow, so you will have in your hands a complete and high performance equipment.

Thus, our string instrument program is a collaboration model between parents, teachers and luthiers that allows access to quality instruments with all the guarantees and without worries.

What if I'm already an adult, it's too late to start playing the violin...?

It is never too late to fulfill a dream and start playing the violin, the viola or the cello. We also rent high quality full-size instruments for those who do not want to give up their desire to play a string instrument.

How do instrument rentals work at Luthier Vidal?

The process is very simple. Once you have chosen the instrument you want for yourself or your son or daughter, you will have to pay an initial bond. The monthly payments are cheap, ranging from €15 to €120 for violins, violas and cellos for children, and from €25 to €180 for full-size instruments.

The minimum rental contract is 3 months for smaller instruments and 6 for full-size violins, violas and cellos.

If it happens that you want to purchase your rental isntrument, you could acquire it by discounting a percentage of the fees already paid.

As you can see, choosing a rental violin, a viola or a violoncello at Luthier Vidal is a cost-effective solution to obtain a high-quality instrument and sound for a simple monthly fee.

In addition to all this, through this initiative we offer a sustainable solution based on the reutilization of instruments. We make a responsible consumption of raw materials, respecting nature and being environmentally friendly.

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  • Adults instruments (4/4) Advanced Level

    Our rental instrument program is also aimed at adult performers. We are aware that, in the case of starting to play an instrument, buying a violin, a viola or a full-size violoncello can be an expensive investment. Also if what is intended is to play just for few hours throughout the week. That is why at Luthier Vidal we decided to rent full-size instruments (4/4), which are ideal for adults.

    Which rental instruments for adults are available?

    The advanced instruments we offer are from two different firms: our own -Luthier Vidal-, and also Jay Haide.

    These are violins, violas and cellos are of great sound quality and advanced level. They are checked and set up individually by our professionals. This way we can guarantee that the instrument has the same quality, conditions and care as any other instrument available for sale in our stores.

    To make it even easier, the rental of the violin, the viola or the violoncello includes a bow and a case. With this we intend to deliver a complete equipment that meets our quality standards and commitment to musicians and their development.

  • Rental instruments for infants and young

    Xavier Vidal i Roca have a rental program of violins, violas and cellos for infants and young people. We have all sizes available in the market from 1/10 to 3/4. Our luthiers team repairs the instruments ensuring the best acoustic sound of it.

  • Bonds rental instruments
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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items


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