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Violins for all levels 

At Luthier Vidal we have violins of all sizes that have been built or calibrated previously by our luthiers guaranteeing excellent sound and quality. Likewise, we have a team of professionals specialized in the sector willing to guide your decision according to your needs and preferences obtaining full satisfaction in the purchase of their instrument.

The violins we propose at Luthier Vidal perfectly match the different needs of the violinists throughout their training and professional stage. They are strictly selected always looking for standards of good quality and optimal interpretation. To improve their qualities, they are always subjected to a process of adjustment and retouch by our luthiers.

We have violins manufactured exclusively in our workshop by our luthiers and following the guidelines of Xavier Vidal i Roca, always thinking of the demands of the players and obtaining optimal results in the most valued properties of the violin.

The materials with which our violins are constructed are always selected and quality wood used traditionally in the trade of the violin making process.

Which are the appropriate violin sizes according to age?

Before buying a violin, you must think about who will play it. The sizes of a violin for children will not be the same than an adult violin ones.

In our workshop located in Barcelona you can find different violin sizes for children, suitables according to their stage of growth. The smallest measures range from 1/16 to 1/2, and are for children who begin on the violin from very young ages -3 or 4 years- to children of 7 or 8 years. From here we go to viol violin, for children up to about 12 years, and finally we reach the final measure, the 4/4 violin. This measure is already the one that is hold throughout the adult stage.

It goes without saying that all these measures will depend on the person's height and growth. Usually, the norm for determining the ideal measure is the following: the violinist is able to take the violin's head with his left hand when placed in a performing position.

What price may I pay for a violin?

The price of the violin will depend on its size and the range in which it stands. Before you buy it, you have to think about the use that you are going to give it. If you want to spend a lot of time and learn to play the violin in a serious way, you should look for a quality instrument that lasts over time and reaches the expectations of sound.

In the price of the violin influences its process of construction and composition, because the materials with which it is constructed influence its acoustics and its sound. The more sound quality woods are those of maple, ebony, willow, boxwood and rosewood, and therefore if the violin is composed of these elements, it will have a higher price than another violin built with poorer materials.

In violins for children and violinists in the process of learning, prices will depend on size and materials, since they are more functional and not definitive instruments. In our shop you can find them from 199 to 995 euros. However, in 4/4 violins the price will also be subject, apart from the range and materials, to the antiquity and history of the instrument. At Luthier Vidal you can find 4/4 violins for students from 495 euros and up to 3,250 euros, depending on the range in which you want to look for options.

In our workshop we also have a large selection of professional and perfection violins, ideal for complete top and professional violinists. These violins are designed to meet the demands of expert musicians of exceptional acoustic quality and professionalism.

Why buying a violin at Luthier Vidal?

If you want to buy a quality violin, in our workshop located in Barcelona you can find a great variety of violins at reasonable prices that you can try in our test rooms. Our professionals will be able to help you and guide you in case you need it. If you already know the violin you want to buy, you can buy your violin online right here, in our web store, counting in both options with a guarantee that ensures the perfect condition and operation of the violin.

The guarantee assures the tuning of the violin by our luthiers, making the necessary adjustments to optimize their acoustics and functionality, and also offers services of maintenance and restoration of the violin in our workshop.

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  • Violins size 1/4

    At Luthier Vidal we offer a variety of 1/4 violins that have been selected and reviewed by our team of professionals with the intention of providing you with the highest quality and acoustic guarantee in the market, adapting to your needs and preferences.

    These violins are adapted to the measures and needs of children of about 5 years who begin in the study of the violin, so that they can make the most of their classes and tests with an instrument that suits their size.

  • Violins size 1/2

    ½ violins are ideal for children between the ages of 6 and 8, beginners in the world of violin. These ½ violins adapt to the size of the child so that you fully enjoy your studies and the practice of the violin, as they do with an instrument that fits your measurements and needs.

    In Luthier Vidal we have 1/2 size violins that have been previously calibrated guaranteeing excellent sound. Likewise, we have a team of professionals specialized in the sector willing to guide their decision according to their needs and preferences obtaining full satisfaction in the purchase of their instrument

  • Violins size 3/4

    Viol Violins are ideal for young violin students aged 8 to 12 years, always depending on their pace of growth. This measure of violin is the previous to the definitive one, 4/4, and counts on woods and materials more elaborated than the violins of smaller sizes. They are ideal for violinists who have been practicing for some time the practice of violin or for violinists whose size requires this measure of violin.

    At Xavier Vidal i Roca we offer the best selection of 3/4 violins on the market, of excellent quality and sonority. We have a team of professionals of the violin-making process who previously calibrate the sound of the violin to guarantee the maximum acoustic quality of the instrument.

  • Violins size 7/8

    7/8 violins are not the most common, but they are ideal for small-hand adult violinists to whom 4/4 violins are not just comfortable. These violins adapt perfectly to the measures of the hands so that the violinist can reach all the positions in a comfortable and fast way, making easier and effective the interpretation,

    At Xavier Vidal i Roca we have selected a set of 7/8 violins that have been calibrated and reviewed by our professional violinists to guarantee the highest acoustic quality of your violin. We have specialists who can help guide your buying decision and advise you according to your preferences and needs.

  • Violins size 4/4

    The 4/4 violins are full-length violins. They target students from the age of 12 or 14, depending on the age of growth, and adults. In Luthier Vidal we have a great variety of 4/4 violins for students of all levels. Our selection consists of violins for all levels, each individually and exclusively treated by our team of violin-makers.

    The 4/4 violins we have at Luthier Vidal are made of high quality materials that meet the needs of violinists of all levels: from medium-sized violinists to professional violinists..

  • Electric violins

    At Luthier Vidal you can find quality and selected electric violins that combines the technical principles of classical lutherie with the flexibility and innovation of modern musicians.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 21 items