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Strings for violas 

At Luthier Vidal we have a wide string catalog for viola. Our products have been selected to cover all kinds of needs and preferences that the violists may have. We have strings for the most demanding musicians, from those sweet profiles in their interpretation to the most aggressive. Our selection consist of multiple brands that guarantee high quality. 

Strings are a fundamental element for the viola that will provide better or worse sound quality, since they are in charge of originating the sonority of the instrument when the violist is playing it. We can play the viola in different ways but the strings are a determining factor and must be adapted to each of these different practices in order to obtain a good sound. 

In our store you will find strings for viola of all the ranges and types existing according to your level and needs. Viola strings correspond in the notes of A (LA) followed by D (RE), G (SOL) and C (DO) from the sharpest to the lower. Keep in mind that the more lower is the string the thicker the string will be in order to better maintain the tension and vibrate in the proper way. 


The strings are classified according to the material of which they are made, since its material will contribute some qualities or others. In our online shop or our physical store in Barcelona you can find the following types of strings for viola according to its composition: 

  • Gut Strings - Gut is the traditional material used in the manufacture of viola strings. In general, this type of string is very sensitive to environmental and temperature changes, the sharpest strings are more fragile because they are the thinnest. However, the gut strings provide to the viola a rich sound with warm nuances. They are the most characteristic for baroque and old instruments to attribute the more traditional sound and for the fact that they exert less pressure on the viola. 
  • Metal strings - Metal strings are very practical thanks to their better tuning and resistance to environmental and temperature changes. The sound that they offer is more metallic and strong, but are less flexible than the gut strings so they limit the vibration and reduce the sonority. They are more used in modern violas since they exert the double of pressure on the instrument. 
  • Synthetic strings - They are more similar to gut strings in sound but are less durable than metallic strings. The synthetic ones offer a bright and clear tone, being the most used strings nowadays for its great offer in relation to quality and price.  


String tension 

Strings are also divided by their tension, so that we can find heavy or forte tension, a normal tension and soft or dolce tension. Those that are of stronger tensions offer a greater volume besides a greater resistance to the bow, but they exert more pressure on the instrument by what would not be suitable for old violas. On the opposite, the strings of lower tensions produce a very soft tone, but much less powerful sound. The most used are the medium tension strings, leaving the forte and dolce for more concrete cases. 

Our offer

In our strings selection you can find both individual strings and complete set strings. We have both synthetic, metallic and gut strings of different tensions and endings, as well as different measures in reference to your viola size. Some of the brands that take part on our range are Corelli, D'addario, Jargar, Pirastro, Larsen Strings or Thomastik among others. 

When should I change the strings? 

It is difficult to determine when it is time to change the strings. A broken string or a very deteriorate one are not the only sings that mean you have to change them. The fact of using them a lot also deteriorates the string and often they lose tuning and projection. Many factors influence in the deterioration of a string such as practice hours, sweat of the hands, the times they are cleaned, etc. As a general rule the metal strings are the ones that last longer, followed by the synthetic ones, and finally the less durable ones are the gut strings. Approximately synthetic ropes would be advisable to change them every 6 months. But as we said before, this depends on many factors so only experience will actually teach you to identify when it is time to change the strings of your viola. If we break a string of the set and replace it with a new one, it will sound stronger. There are violists looking for that effect on purpose, but if you want to avoid it we recommend replacing the broken string for some old string until it is time to change the whole set. We can extend the length of our strings through protection and cleaning. It is always advisable to note the type of string you use in your viola, since forgetting it can be very easy. In this way, if the last combination that you did has liked you then you can reuse it, or otherwise change it and create new combinations. 

How much do my strings cost? 

As everything in regards to music, it will depend on the range in which you want to shuffle options. It should also be said that not all strings of the same model are worth the same since, normally, the thicker the string, the higher its price will be. If you want to buy basic viola strings, prices will be lower, but the sound of strings will be flatter and more mundane. If instead you want to buy professional viola strings, your price will increase but you will gain a lot in regards to sound quality.

The price ranges for the strings are usually quite varied depending on the type of string and the features. The same model of string can differ in price according to the qualities of one or the other, being thicker strings more expensive than the thin ones. We can then find individual strings from twelve euros up to thirty euros approximately. While the string sets for viola (LA, RE, SOL, DO) are more or less between sixty and a hundred euros approximately. If you are not sure of the type of strings that is more suitable for your Viola from Luthier Vidal we offer you the advice of our professional team that gladly will help you on your purchase.

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