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Violins rental 

Our violin rental program is aimed at both musicians who are just beginning their first steps in the world of music and those who are already at a higher level. In addition, we also adapt according to the sizes.

We know that, in the case of starting to play the violin, buying an instrument can be too expensive. This is why at Luthier Vidal we decided to rent full-size violins (4/4) and violin rentals for children (1/4, 1/2 and 3/4), thus having all the sizes available on the market.

Apart from its size, we also divide the rental violins according to the level of the musician. In this way we offer study violins, violins for an advanced level and, finally, higher level violins.

To make it even easier, the violin is supplied with a bow and case. With this we deliver a complete set that meets our quality standards and commitment to musicians and their training.

What rental violins for children do we offer?

For beginner and intermediate students the model is the Höfner Schroetter violin, revised and adjusted in Luthier Vidal's workshop.

On the other hand, for beginner advanced level students, the model is the Luthier Vidal Avancé violin, manufactured in Luthier Vidal's workshop.

What adult rental violins are available?

The violins for adults that we offer for rent are of two different brands: our own with the 4/4 Luthier Vidal Avancé and also Jay Haide.

These violns are of great sound quality and advanced level. They are checked and set up individually by our professionals. This way we can guarantee that the instrument has the same quality, conditions and care as any other instrument available for sale in our stores.

How does the violin rental online at Luthier Vidal work?

Renting a violin in our online store couldn't be easier. Select the instrument you will need according to its size and level. The deposit associated with your instrument will be added automatically at your basket. Keep in mind that this must only be paid at the beginning of the rental and that it will be returned to you once the rental agreement ends.
Once you have paid the amount, we will send you the contract by email to sign it and return it signed.

At the end we will send you the rental violin. Enjoy it!

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