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Cases for violas and violas bows 

In Luthier Vidal we have a wide catalog of cases for viola and for viola bows. We have cases that differ in size, color, shape, stamping and design for all tastes, from those profiles more classic to the most modern and daring. 

Our selection consists of cases for all viola sizes, from violas of 11" to those violas superior to 15 inches. For each size we offer models of different materials, all of them of high quality, that guarantee the safety of your viola in terms of shocks and external factors like the weather and the temperature. Our cases make the transport of your instrument easier in the most comfortable and safe way. 

How do I choose my case?

When it comes to choose our case, it is necessary to have in mind that the viola is a very delicate and sensitive instrument. Therefore we must choose a good case that is effective on the protection of our instrument by keeping it in perfect conditions. We must think about our habits and routines regarding the use of the viola to determine the elements that we seek in our future case. For example, if every day we use public transport to get to our place of practice, we should look for those cases that offer us good protection in terms of shocks, lightness to be carried around and handles or backpack straps for an easier transportation. Many other factors will influence, such as the number of bows we need to carry, the place where our viola will rest, whether we require a hygrometer or string tube, as well as pockets to carry music sheets. Each musician will have his own needs that he must establish in order to look for the case that better fits his them. 

Types of Cases 

As we have already mentioned, there are many varieties of viola cases from which to choose in our wide range. We will talk about some of the highlights that characterize a case in order to identify their proprieties. 

According to the shape, we can find rectangular cases or those that take the instrument shape. The rectangular cases are the most traditional and usually have compartments for viola accessories as well as pockets for music sheets. Instead, the instrument shape cases are more modern and daring, thus showing that you are a violist. 

According to the case materials, this will offer some benefits or others. All cases consist of a hard base usually made of wood or some synthetic material that is covered with fabric, leather or plastic. The more common materials used to create cases are plastic, ABS, fabric, carbon fiber, fiberglass, natural compounds, etc. Each of these materials gives characteristics in terms of shock absorption, impermeability, hardness and lightness that differ from each other. 

It is very important that our case is made of a waterproof material and also has a good closing system that will not allow the water to come inside. A good case, besides being waterproof, must absorb well the shocks so that they do not harm our instrument. Most of the cases have an inner blanket that protects the viola from the bow contact, although we can also use pajamas to protect our viola. 

We can find cases for one viola or for two, in case we want to carry two instruments together. Normally they have bow holders, but if we want to carry more bows than our case can hold or our case does not have this compartment, we also find bow cases. The most sophisticated cases also have a string tube and a hygrometer that will measure the humidity of the air, as this factor really influences on the viola. 

How much does my case cost? 

We find a wide range of prices depending on the materials, features and brands. While we can find pajamas for twenty euros, the most basic cases for viola and viola bows have prices around fifty and a hundred euros. As the case becomes more consistent and rigid, in addition to increasing its features, the price also increase around three hundred and seven hundred. But if we talk about more sophisticated cases we will find them from nine hundred euros. 

Our offer 

From Luthier Vidal, our team has selected a great range of cases for viola of different brands, features and sophistication, all characterized by being of high quality. In our shop we work with well-known brands like Rapsody, Gewa, Bam, Maurizio Riboni, Sielam, Tonarelli and Jakob Winter among others. We offer both classic and modern styles, as well as a wide range of colors and materials. If you are cannot decide which is your ideal case or if you have any doubts about one specific model, we put at your disposal our team of professionals who will gladly advise you. Both, our physical store and our online store, are governed by our philosophy of proximity and direct contact with customers in order to guarantee their full satisfaction in obtaining their case or any other product. 


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Showing 1 - 18 of 28 items

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