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Violas bows for all levels 

The bow is a fundamental and very important tool when playing the viola. This essential accessory in the bowed string instruments gets its name for its initial resemblance to the hunting bow, being considered its main predecessor. The bow has passed various modifications throughout history. François Xavier Tourte was the French bow maker who established the design and measurements of the modern bow as we know it today. The length of the bow for viola is approximately 75cm, being larger and a little heavier than the bow for violin. 


Parts and materials 

The bow stick is usually made of Brazil wood, although currently it is also common to use composite materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. It is finished with a screw by which the tension of the strings are regulated. The frog is the place where the strings are held and which allows the musician to support the fingers when playing the instrument. The hair is made of horsehair or bristles, and their quantity varies according to the maker and the instrument for which the bow is intended. The bow tip can end with a piece of bone or plastic ornament, just as the part of the stick closest to the frog is decorated with a plastic, nickel, silk or silver wound. 

There are many techniques to play a stringed instrument, and the bow is a very important one. Its materials and confection process are determining factors in the viola sound when it is being played. In addition, bow handling will give a stronger or sweet tone, as well as more hardness or softness. 


Which is my ideal bow? 

Given the quantity of bows on the market, our team has previously done a careful selection in order to offer to you a range that meets all the needs and demands for all levels. Here are some tips to follow when choosing your ideal bow. All beginners who have started in the viola do not need an excessive bow, as their technique is not yet highly developed. It is advisable to choose a bow that has a relatively strong stick and a good camber, in addition to a good balance. As your technical abilities increase, your needs and demand for the bow will also grow. 

The bow should be considered as an extension of the hand when it comes to playing. It should not feel annoying, but quite the opposite. It must be a tool that provides confidence to the musician, not worrying him about anything, just make his movements flow. It is important to know that each bow interacts different with each instrument, so it is recommended to attend the store with your own viola. In this way you will find the bow that best suits you and your instrument. 

On the other hand, the characteristics of the stick are very important to determine the sound that will the bow will provide. If the bow is too soft the sound may lack clarity and definition. Instead, a stronger bow will emit a brighter and more focused sound. But if the bow is too strong or tense the result will be a harsh sound. It is difficult to find a bow that gives the balance between a wide and clear sound, and also a quick response. 

If you want to buy violin bow, in our workshop located in Barcelona you can count on a great variety of bows that you could try in one of our test rooms. Also you will have some help and personalized advice from our skilled worker. However, if you already know what item you want, you can buy violin bow online right here at our webstore. In either option will have a guarantee that ensures the perfect condition of the bow.

Bow levels 

In the same way as the instruments, in our website you will be able realize a search in order to find your ideal bow in the easiest and faster way. We have level bars that represent in a very visual way the functionality of each of our bows. Through the filters, you can select the level you want and our searcher will show you all those bows that best suit your needs. 

E1: Ideal bows for initiation students that include all the guarantees to ensure the progression of the beginning musician. 

E2: Bow selection characterized by a higher level in the quality of sound and performance that allow the student to advance without limitations. 

A1: Indicated bows for those students at an advanced level that require quality material to improve their learning and studies. These bows cover all the needs for a longer study period. 

A2: Selection oriented to students who plan to undertake higher or professional studies in the near future. These bows cover the needs and demands for a good musical level. 

S1: Very high performance bows, ideal for musicians of higher courses. 

S2: Collect the highest level bows for professional musicians or students of the higher courses. In this selection we find bows of significant bow makers that have all the guarantees. 


Xavier Vidal i Roca guarantee 

All our bows have a professional assembly guarantee that our professional team is responsible to realize. We start from a base of high quality materials that are worked in our workshop in a manual, careful and professional way in order to obtain the best results and optimization. Our guarantee covers the following processes: checking the general condition of the stick, as well as its longitudinal straightness, its distribution of the curve with different tension levels and its excess or lack of curvature. Checking the general condition of the hairs in terms of length and placement, the rebound and tension, as well as its lateral force, correct operation of the screw and the adaptation of the nut to ensure a proper displacement through the stick. 

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  • Viola bows size under 15"

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have a selection of viola bows for those sizes below 15 inches. The viola players that have 11 ", 12", 13 "and 14" violas represent the youngest sector, so we have chosen bows that adapt to all levels and needs allowing them to advance in their musical learning. 

    All our bows are carefully tested one by one under strict quality guidelines that our company imposes with the purpose of offering a bow range of an exceptional level. In addition, all our bows have a professional assembly guarantee that assures their optimization. 

    The bow is an essential tool when it comes to playing the viola, since the quality of its materials and its production will be decisive when it comes to obtain one kind of sound or another. In addition, the musician must feel totally comfortable with it to do a better technical execution. 

  • Viola bows over +15"

    In Xavier Vidal i Roca we have a selection of viola bows for sizes from the 15 inches. The viola players who use violas of sizes bigger than 15 " represent the adult and more expert sector. That is why we have chosen bows that adapt to all levels and needs of the most demanding musicians. 

    Our bows are carefully tested one by one under the strictest quality standards that our company imposes in order to offer a bows range of an exceptional level. All our instruments and bows have a professional assembly guarantee that ensures a perfect optimization of the bow itself. 

    The viola bows have a length of approximately 75cm, being longer and a little heavier than the violin bows. The sound of our instrument will also depend on the materials that our bow is made of as well as its assembly. Also remember that the bow should be a tool that adapts comfortably to the musician, as if it were the extension of the hand. In this way we guarantee a good sound and a good technical execution. 

  • Carbon Fiber Viola Bows

    In Luthier Vidal we have a selection of perfect viola fiber bows for the most restless, adventurous and demanding musicians in the sector. Nowadays carbon fiber is being one of the materials most used in the bow construction thanks to its properties and its relation quality price. Carbon fiber is more resistant than Pernambuco and offers the same response, balance and tone. 

    In our store in Barcelona and our online shop we have recognized brands that are characterized by their great quality products as Col·legno, Coda bow, Yamaha or our own model devised by our luthier master Luthier Vidal. All our bows are carefully tested one by one under the strictest quality standards required by our company to offer a bow range of an exceptional level. In addition, all our bows and instruments have a professional assembly guarantee. 

Showing 1 - 18 of 47 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 47 items

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